“Spotlight on Review” showcases Baggage

A local web-tv entertainment site did an interview with the entire cast of “Baggage”.  It was definitely an unusual experience for the entire company.  Take a look!


“Baggage” All Packed Up

Now that the Fringe festival has finished, and the cast and crew of Baggage has gone onto other things, I just wanted to give a heartfelt thanks to our loyal audiences for coming out to support us. We had a successful run, and look forward to everyone’s next project.

There are talks of remounting the show, so stay tuned for more details.

In other news, the Ontario Public Service Pride Network (my corporate pride network) featured a review of Baggage in their recent newsletter. I think it’s great that my workplace is so supportive and encouraging of our members like this. If only other employers would be this queer-positive.

Check out page 6:
OPN Newsletter July 2008

We have Directors!

The Collective is pleased to announce that we’ve contracted two amazing directors for “Baggage”. We welcome to the fray, Karen Ancheta and Marie Beath Badian. Both are familiar faces to the Pulang Maleta Collective as they’ve each helped birth the production in different ways: Karen as the original director/dramaturge for Christine Mangosing’s “Claim Your Baggage”,;and Marie Beath as the Director of Play Creation for the Carlos Bulosan Theatre where all our plays originated.

We’re very excited to be working with such amazing people heading into the Fringe.