Advance tickets are $10 max and will be available from Fringe Toronto as early as mid-June.

Price per Ticket: $10 Maximum
Phone: 416-966-1062

Show Info:

by Reese Baguio , Aura Carcueva, Vincent Galvez, Darrel Gamotin and Christine Mangosing

presented by Pulang Maleta Collective
from Toronto

Five playwrights drawing from their distinct backgrounds in film, dance, poetry and music form the Pulang Maleta Collective and share their stories in their debut piece, BAGGAGE.

“Maria”- A woman’s struggle between filial obligation and the desire for a new life through a mailorder-bride arrangement.

“not my exotic”- Sunshine encounters a guy who is interested in a lot more than a one-night stand.

“The Edge of Family”- Crime, dinner and an envious mother exacerbate the decision of a young girl and her two men.

“Touch” – A young woman tries to navigate the world as a new lesbian. Her mentor, a Filipino drag queen, helps her try and find love and more importantly learn how to breathe.

“Claim Your Baggage” A humorous look at cultural shame and a reminder that if you don’t look back at where you came from, you’ll never get to where you’re going.

Director: Karen Ancheta & Marie Beath Badian
Leon Aureus, Reese Baguio , Aura Carcueva, Rose Cortez, Alex Felipe, Vincent Galvez, Darrel Gamotin, Jessica Leibgott, Elizabeth Lofranco, Caroline Mangosing, Christine Mangosing, Andrea Mapili, Regina Simon, Michelle Turingan
Mature Audience
mature language, mature content, food may fall on you

Venue #25 – Kapisanan Philippine Centre for Arts and Culture
167 Augusta Avenue (Kensington)

60 min

Wed, July 2 @ 8:00 PM
Thu, July 3 @ 8:00 PM
Fri, July 4 @ 8:00 PM
Sat, July 5 @ 2:30 PM
Sun, July 6 @ 2:30 PM
Tue, July 8 @ 8:00 PM
Wed, July 9 @ 8:00 PM
Thu, July 10 @ 8:00 PM
Fri, July 11 @ 8:00 PM
Sat, July 12 @ 2:30 PM
Sun, July 13 @ 2:30 PM